Wooden Conservatories and What You Need to Know

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If your home is conveniently located for the daily commute and good schools, as well as being in close proximity to friends and family, moving isn’t a tempting option. The process of moving house is also time-consuming and costly, but if you need more space, what’s the alternative? To build a conservatory of course! Just Windows and Doors are leading suppliers in many options for conservatories, including wooden conservatories UK residents love and have in their home!

Benefits of Building a Conservatory

As an established and trusted supplier of conservatories, Rickmansworth and Ickenham based Just Windows and Doors can share some of the main benefits our Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire customers have shared:

  • If you use a reputable, FENSA Registered company, a good quality home conservatory is relatively straightforward to construct. This allows your home to grow, without major disruption to you or your neighbours.
  • In addition to the added space, a conservatory will help to flood your home with natural light; this helps to create an airy and spacious interior.
  • A conservatory with Bi-fold or French Doors helps to connect the interior and exterior spaces. By considering features including the flooring, furniture and planting, it is possible to create an almost seamless transition from house to garden.
  • Building a conservatory is more affordable than moving house and it can increase the value of your home.
  • In many cases, there is no need to seek planning permission prior to building a conservatory. (If your home has previously been extended, or is located in a conservation area, you should seek advice from your local planning office before commencing any work).


uPVC, Aluminium or Wooden Conservatories UK Residents love

The three main options are:

  • uPVC conservatories
  • Aluminium conservatories
  • Hardwood conservatories

These are all strong and durable materials, which can be fitted with double, or even triple, glazing and secure locks. What’s more, by investing in underfloor insulation, a source of heating and conservatory blinds, any of these options will provide an additional conservatory room that can be used throughout the year.

We offer a wide range of conservatory options, including high quality wooden conservatories UK!
We offer a wide range of conservatory options, including high quality wooden conservatories UK residents desire to enhance their home!

uPVC is the lower cost option, but the aesthetic appeal of wooden conservatories has seen them growing in popularity. If you are considering a wooden conservatory, what factors do you need to consider?

Advantages of Wooden Conservatories 

Use a professional company that uses seasoned and prepared hardwoods for building wooden conservatories and you’ll be rewarded with a highly desirable end result. Our Hertfordshire conservatory company sustainably sources all timber, ensuring that our wooden conservatories are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Hardwood conservatories can be made from a variety of woods including Oak, Cedar and Cherry. A wide selection of finish options can also be applied. You can choose to enhance the natural grains with a stained or varnished finish, or have the wooden frames painted in the colour of your choice. From muted tones to a vibrant shade, you can find the ideal finish to express your personality.

With a range of frames, it is possible to opt for a Victorian conservatory or a contemporary option – Just Windows and Doors can advise on a style to complement your home.

Modern finishes, paints and sealants for outdoor applications give the wood long-lasting protection from the elements. This allows the wood will remain in top condition with a low level of maintenance. With occasional wipe down and the reapplication of finish every 5 years, a wooden conservatory can outlast its uPVC counterpart.

If you live in a conservation area, permission to build a conservatory will often only be granted if hardwood is used.

In Summary

uPVC and Aluminium conservatories are cheaper, but a wooden conservatory is highly desirable, environmentally friendly and with a little maintenance, long lasting. As such it is a great value option for your home.

If you would like to discuss hardwood conservatories in more detail, please contact Just Windows and Doors on our Freephone number: 0800 132 510. You are also welcome to visit our showrooms in Ickenham and Rickmansworth. We are the industry leaders when it comes to supplying the wooden conservatories uk individuals love to have in their home!

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