If you are looking for a guttering system that is durable, easy to install and does not block easily, choose uPVC (also referred to as PVCu).

uPVC gutteringWhat is guttering and why is it important?

The guttering on your roof catches rainwater and guides it straight down the drain, keeping it well away from the house. Without a functioning guttering system, your home would soon suffer from water damage or flooding – with potential problems like mould, rust and rot affecting the roof, walls, doors and even the foundation and basement.

Guttering is installed just under the roof, attached to and supported by the fascia.

Why choose uPVC?

Guttering systems are available in metal and plastic, but we believe that uPVC (sometimes known as PVCu) is a superior material for your roofline. Low-cost and aesthetically attractive, it is also a strong and durable material that is UV resistant. Our uPVC guttering systems have a guaranteed lifetime of 30 years and can last for many years more.

uPVC guttering, fascias and soffits are available in many different colour options, so you can be sure of an attractive and fitting roofline system to suit your property.

Problems and solutions

Situated out of sight and therefore often out of mind, your guttering should nevertheless be checked regularly to ensure that it is functioning as it should.

One common problem is the potential for blockages caused by leaves, moss and other debris. So your guttering should be checked regularly to ensure that water can run freely and that nothing is clogging it up. This is a simple matter of taking a look and scooping out any blockages.

If you notice that any part of your current guttering system is broken or leaking, it’s very important to get it checked by a professional as soon as you can. As we’ve seen, problems with your guttering can lead to some serious water damage that can potentially be expensive to put right. Here at Just Windows and Doors we can advise you on replacing any broken parts of your guttering to create a roofline that is strong, stable and leak-free.

With our highly weatherproof uPVC guttering and roofline systems, you won’t need to perform any maintenance tasks to keep them in good working order. Durable and hard-wearing, the PVCu will not fade or crack, and you can depend on your guttering to keep the rainwater away from your home for decades into the future.

Choosing the right system

call us today on 01923 775 500: uPVC gutteringIf you need advice, one of our professional fitters will be happy to help. We can advise on all aspects of your roofline system (including fascias and soffits) and visit your home to offer a quotation. We use high quality PVCu guttering products sourced from a specialist supplier. You can find out more about all of our roofline products by downloading our brochure.

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