Triple glazing vs double glazing: What you need to know

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We all know the advantages of double glazing: it provides better insulation, keeping homes warmer and more sheltered from outside noise than windows with single panes. With an extra layer of glass, triple glazed windows take this principle one step further. But are they right for your home? Let’s compare the benefits of triple glazing vs double glazing.

Energy efficiency and thermal performance

Cross Section View of Triple GlazeIf you were to pit triple glazing vs double glazing in an energy efficiency competition, there’s no doubt that triple glazing would come out on top. Keeping the heat in is important, and windows are much worse at doing this than walls – today’s double glazed windows have a typical u-value between 1 and 2, while the walls of your house measure up at 0.3 or less. Triple glazing is definitely a step in the right direction for those concerned about thermal performance, with a u-value of less than 0.8.

As well as the glazing itself, however, the thermal performance of a window also depends on the frames you choose. While the best-performing triple glazing on a freezing cold day can keep the temperature around your windows at a cosy 18 degrees Celsius (as opposed to 16 for a modern double glazed window), homeowners can take other measures to improve thermal efficiency, such as using thick curtains to keep the heat from escaping.

By choosing highly thermally efficient triple glazed windows, you don’t just keep the heat in, you also prevent solar gain – that’s the warmth you get on a hot day, when the sunlight permeates the room. It’s worth considering whether that’s something you really want.

Want to know more? Read about window energy ratings.

Durability and noise reduction

Looking for strong windows that won’t smash? Triple glazed windows might be a great option for you. With three layers of glass, tempered for strength, you might choose triple glazing over double glazing if home security is particularly important.

Triple glazing performs well in terms of noise reduction, too. However, double glazing can certainly give it a run for its money; find out how the right kind of double glazed windows can sound-proof your home effectively.

Type of property

Exterior View of 2nd Floor Aluminium Windows with Dummy OpenersIt’s not always as simple as choosing the cheapest option or most energy efficient product; your choice of glazing also needs to suit your property. Aesthetics play an important part here.

Triple glazing has many advantages, but these also come at the cost of making the windows very heavy. So you’ll require heavy-duty hinges and frames, to support your window panes. That’s an important consideration when thinking about how your home will look, and whether triple glazing will fit in with your property’s overall appearance.

If you want lots of natural daylight in your home, triple glazing can also be a hindrance, due to the light having to shine through another layer of glass.

If aesthetics will play a big part in your choice of window, have a look at our timber-framed, aluminium and uPVC windows to see what kind of look you want to go for. We’ll then be able to offer expert advice on whether double- or triple-glazed panes are the best option for your frames.


As you might expect, triple glazed windows are a pricier option than their double glazed counterparts. You’re paying for an extra pane of glass, for a start; and being a niche product, triple glazing has higher production costs. All in all, you can expect to pay twice as much for triple glazing vs double glazing.

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