The Trend Towards Coloured uPVC Windows

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Think of uPVC window frames and it’s likely you’ll picture the ubiquitous white finish that adorns home and office windows across the land. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Increasingly appearing in all styles of properties, coloured uPVC windows allow homeowners to enjoy all the practical advantages of uPVC frames, whilst expressing the authenticity and individuality of their homes. From wood style finishes and subtle greys to bright and bold coloured frames, there’s a whole spectrum to choose from.

Against the grain

Different styles of coloured uPVC windowsMore and more homes today are moving away from white window frames, opening up to the many different options that are available now in uPVC. Not sure you’ve encountered them in your neighbourhood? You may simply not have realised that the realistic wooden frames you’ve seen are actually a high quality uPVC woodgrain effect. Whether it’s a traditional Golden Oak or one of the other 21 woodgrain shades on offer, coloured uPVC windows in woodgrain effect allow you to frame your windows in a beautiful and traditional style, whilst benefiting from the low cost, minimal upkeep and optimum energy efficiency that uPVC offers.

Hues for you

The potential doesn’t end at wood effect frames! The contemporary modern appearance of coloured uPVC windows means that they are fast gaining popularity, enabling homeowners to showcase their windows with any one of 150 available attractive shades, achieving a style that complements the rest of their home. Whether you want to match the colour of your front door, achieve a subtle effect with pale pastels, or make a statement with a standout hue, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can opt to have the colour both outside and in, or have one side white and the other side in your favourite shade.

Benefits of uPVC

If coloured frames are important to you, you’ve probably considered other options, such as painted or finished wood. If you’re concerned about cost or worried about maintenance, however, uPVC may be the right choice for you. A world away from the white plastic feel of stereotypical uPVC frames, today’s coloured uPVC windows can be a legitimate and authentic replacement for wood in many properties. In addition, they’re the cheapest option for your window frames, and they won’t rot or require any maintenance or treatment. Why not download our brochure to see what might be possible for your home.

Tips on choosing the right coloured upvc windows

With 22 woodgrain options and 150 different colours to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. It can be difficult to narrow it down and make the right decision for your property, so here are some tips to help.

  • Think long-term. While fashions come and go, you’ll be hoping to live with your new windows for years to come. So consider carefully; will the bright colour you’re attracted to now still be the best choice in ten or more years’ time, or will it seem dated?
  • Be authentic. If your home is a period property, you’ll achieve the best results if you replicate the frames it originally had, or which appear elsewhere in the building.
  • Consider other features and fittings. If you are opting for coloured frames inside the house, will these fit well with the existing décor?

For expert advice on choosing coloured uPVC windows, just contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and guide you through our extensive colour brochure.

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