Tips to keep your conservatory cool in summer

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If you own a conservatory, you’ll know first-hand how the ‘greenhouse effect’ on summer days can make it very hot. That might be good news for your tomato plants, but if you want to get the best out of your living space and enjoy your conservatory during the summer months, try these tips to keep your conservatory cool in summer.

Keep it coveredAlum conservatory - Tips to keep your conservatory cool in summer

By shielding your windows from the sun, you can mitigate the effects of the heat. There are several options that can all be used to keep your conservatory covered. And as well as regulating the heat during the summer months, they will also keep your conservatory warmer during the winter – so you’ll be able to access and enjoy your conservatory in comfort, all year round.

  • Specially fitted blinds are a versatile and good looking way to keep your conservatory cool and shaded.
  • Window films are an ingenious solution for conservatories, orangeries and any room that contains a lot of windows. Attached to the windows, these tinted coverings reflect the heat and UV rays of the sun back away from the glass just as sunglasses do, so that they don’t enter the building. This is an attractive option that maintains the sleek lines of your conservatory and doesn’t clutter your windows.

fly screen for patio doors 282x300 - Tips to keep your conservatory cool in summer


Good ventilation can make the difference between a cool conservatory and an unbearably hot one. When installing a conservatory, it’s important to ensure that roof vents are included to maintain good airflow; not only will this help to keep your conservatory cool in summer, it will also help to maintain good air quality and prevent issues with damp. You can also improve ventilation to your conservatory in other ways:

  • Open your windows and doors. Ideally you’ll have more than one opening, so that the air can flow freely.
  • Fly screens with solar fabrics or blackout material allow you to keep your doors and windows open while keeping the inside of your conservatory protected from the heat of the sun.

Fans and air conditioning

On a really hot day, the breeze from a fan can help to make you feel more comfortable. Air conditioning is another option to consider if keeping your conservatory cool is a priority for you.

  • Ceiling fans built in to a conservatory are a powerful and unobtrusive way to stay cool. If you don’t have a ceiling fan or you want extra breeze at floor level, invest in one or more standing tower fans for extra comfort.
  • Air conditioning units can be expensive to run, but will make your conservatory a pleasant place to be when the temperature rises outside. Some units can also heat your conservatory when the weather turns cooler, and can act as dehumidifiers, too.

Other options to keep your conservatory cool

You can fill your conservatory with items that will create a pleasant atmosphere and keep it feeling cooler on a sunny day. Water features and pot plants will help you to feel at ease and improve the quality of the air, while natural cotton fabrics are a good choice for furniture and cushions. Together with an ice-cold drink, these will make your cool conservatory the perfect place to relax at the height of summer.

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