Making Your Home Thermally Efficient

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Are you using more energy than you need to heat your home? If so, with a few simple changes you could save money, help the environment and feel warmer in your house all year round. Just read on to find out about energy saving measures that could help make your home more thermally efficient.

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Nobody looks forward to receiving their fuel bills, which can seem to rise to astronomical levels during the winter months. So, it’s galling to have to pay for heat that is simply escaping through the windows. By improving the general insulation of your home and installing more thermally efficient windows, you can ensure that the heat is trapped within the confines of your home – so you won’t need as much energy to provide the same level of warmth, which means your fuel bills should plummet.

A reduction in fuel bills isn’t the only benefit you’ll see. Hand in hand with your lower bills, good thermal efficiency will bring a quieter and more comfortable home environment, so you can enjoy a warm home with less intrusive noise from outdoors. You could get rid of condensation and mould on your windows. And of course, saving energy reduces your carbon footprint, produces less pollution and is generally a positive step you can take to conserve the environment.

Keeping the warmth in

There are many small steps you can take to keep the warmth in and maintain a thermally efficient home. And they don’t all have to involve shelling out on new equipment:


  • Insulation: Is your loft properly insulated? What about your cavity walls? Check to see whether you’re eligible for a grant to help you with the cost.
  • Draught excluders: You can also take small, simple steps to improve the insulation in your home, by investing in draught excluders for your doors and using thick curtains and keeping them shut when your windows are not in use. Letterboxes and cat flaps can also be insulated to stop the draughts they create. Even key holes can be covered to improve your thermal efficiency.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Don’t let heat escape through cracks or holes. Keeping up a good programme of maintenance on your home will help to ensure that you keep the warmth in.
  • Block the chimney: Is your heating going through the roof? Consider blocking your fireplace or invest in a ‘chimney balloon’ to stop the hot air from escaping.
  • Use a carpet: Instead of bare floorboards, carpet your home or invest in a rug to cover cracks in the floor.


Energy efficient windows and doorswindow energy ratings

These days, modern energy efficient windows are a far cry from the draughty single panes of years gone by. Double and triple glazed panes paired with thermally efficient frames can make an enormous difference to the insulation provided and to the overall energy output of your home. Doors also play a big part in keeping your home warm and draught-free. Choose doors with high thermal performance to ensure a cosy home.

Need to know which windows are the best buy for thermal efficiency? Check out the window energy efficiency ratings to understand which combination of glass and frames will perform best at retaining warmth and saving your energy bills.

A return on investment

While double or triple glazed windows can seem like a big outlay, they do provide a good return on investment over the years. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that replacing the single-glazed panes throughout your home with thermally efficient, double glazed windows could save householders in the UK as much as £160 per year on their energy bills. So why not check out our range of A rated windows and help save energy in your home?




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