All you need to know about sash window restoration

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Sash window restorationSash windows are an attractive and prominent period feature, adding personality and character to any property. So when they show signs of damage or decay, homeowners are presented with a dilemma: replacement or repair? We look at the issues around sash window restoration to help you decide what’s right for you.

Why repair old sash windows?

It’s important to be true to a period building’s architectural heritage, whether or not your property is listed. Many period homeowners worry that replacing old sash windows with modern fittings could ruin the character of the property – and they are right to be concerned. While brand new windows are undoubtedly efficient and good looking, they cannot compete with the period look and feel of their original counterparts.

Sash window restoration is an alternative option, if the windows are in good enough condition to repair. It will preserve the original features so that your home will look as the architect intended, while ensuring that the windows remain in good condition for the future.

Is it worth restoring my windows?

Cost wise, it’s almost always worth repairing period windows rather than replacing them with new. That’s because well-maintained sash windows have a number of advantages:

  • The maintenance they require will usually be cheaper than out-and-out replacement
  • They allow ventilation into the house, preventing issues such as mould and condensation
  • They will be more attractive to prospective buyers, and boost the value of your property, should you choose to sell.
  • Draught-proofing your single-glazed sash windows will save you money on your energy bills without needing to install double glazing.

How much can I expect to pay?

Sash window restorationThat depends on the condition they are in, and what restoration they require. Sash windows can display one or more signs of damage, including:

  • Rotten frames, needing to be replaced. Most sash windows have softwood frames, but you could consider replacing with hardwood frames which can be more durable
  • Damaged window sills
  • Failing adhesive or putty
  • Windows sticking, making them hard to open
  • Broken sash cords
  • Broken glass, requiring replacement. You may want to consider double glazed sashes for better insulation, but this may not suit your frames. Have a conversation with your glazier to ensure that you make the best decision for your property.

Fortunately, all of these issues can be tackled by a professional glazier, so unless your windows have been extensively damaged, it should be possible to mend them. It’s worth contacting a few companies to get detailed and specific quotations for your own sash windows.

When are they beyond repair?

You’ll be surprised at how even badly damaged sash windows can be restored to their former glory. Rotten frames and sills can be replaced individually, as can broken glass. Unless you have extensive damage from fire or vandalism, it’s always worth contacting a window repair specialist to see what can be done.

Find out more and get a quote

Just Windows and Doors offer a professional sash window restoration service in Watford and surrounding areas. If you’d like to find out more about our repair service just call us on 0800 132 510 and we’ll visit to provide advice and a no-obligation quote.

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