What is the best replacement door for you?

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To Just Windows & Doors, a door is more than just an entrance to your home. It is the first thing guests see when they visit, so it is worth thinking about if you want to impress them. Doors are available in an extensive range of styles and products but ordering a bespoke one will add a unique touch that creates a lasting impression. Whether you want a front door for a new project or simply replacing, there are some design ideas to think about before you make your choice.

The Types of Replacement Door we offer

There are four popular types of door on the market today: uPVC, Composite, Timber, Aluminium. (There are also steel doors which have a niche market and can be considered separately in a future blog.)

What are the pros and cons of each of them?


uPVC doors

Are the cheapest of the modern materials generally. The door leaf will be made from two separate sections, one forming the outer frame of the leaf and the other the infill panel. This has led to such doors being more susceptible to burglary by forcing the panel out of its frame. Many firms now offer reinforced panels although this does not overcome the problem of such panels being attractive to burglars. The locks on such doors can be made from very high-quality components and this can overcome the perceived vulnerability of the door. It’s a good option if budget is important. Just make sure you buy one with reinforcement and good locks. Colour availability is not as readily available as composite and timber doors. Please see this blog for more information on uPVC doors https://www.justwindowsanddoors.co.uk/count-on-upvc-doors/
white PVCu front replacement door with large window


Composite doors

are made from a combination of materials: the door leaf is made from one complete piece, like you would see in a hardwood door, rather than a separate frame and infill panel like standard uPVC doors. Most composite doors are made from uPVC with a timber and foam core. Better quality ones have carbon fibre reinforcement. The better ones also tend to have thicker door leaf’s. A standard composite door will usually have a 40mm leaf, but you can buy them with 50mm leaf’s and even, if you can put up with the bulkier look, 70mm. These doors have a natural “grain” finish which will vary in how pronounced it is from one system to another. Better composite doors will also have thicker skins to outside and inside veneers, say 3mm rather than 2mm. Designs are plentiful, and most colours can be produced although it pushes the price up if you have special colour finishes, of course. Watch out too that composite doors in a “black” finish is actually “black/brown” when you look closely in bright sunlight conditions. For more information please click on this link https://www.justwindowsanddoors.co.uk/composite-doors/
Composite Front Door with Side Panel


Timber doors

Come in wide varieties of quality and they can be made in most designs and almost unlimited colours. Some are very thin with wide grains. They tend to be subject to bowing and significant movement so therefore need fairly regular maintenance. The opening leaf is usually thin, say 35mm or 40mm. However, these doors are cheap and can serve a useful, short-term purpose. Better quality timber doors are made from tighter-grained hardwood. The door leaf on the better doors is usually thicker, for example 55mm is normally a good sign of a quality hardwood door. You can even buy them with a door leaf (that’s the bit that opens) made from very high quality, specially treated timber like Accoya. This will mean less movement, less maintenance and a very long-term life. Naturally, these doors are more expensive. They will usually have better furniture options available.
just windows 064 0 225x300 - What is the best replacement door for you?


Aluminium doors

Are made in a similar way to uPVC doors but have the advantage of a stronger material to manufacture the infill panel. These doors can come in a wide variety of attractive panels and colours but, of course, are more expensive than uPVC doors. https://www.justwindowsanddoors.co.uk/aluminium-doors/
Bifold alum aperture widened and inc lintol 300x169 - What is the best replacement door for you?

A Replacement Door can improve the home

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