Preparing Your Home For Winter

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As the nights begin to draw in, it’s time to turn our thoughts to winter. At this time of year more than any other, our homes need to provide a warm and cosy haven to shelter from the weather. It can take a bit of time to ensure that everything is set for the cold season however, so it’s important to get ready well before the winter sets in. Here are some tips to preparing your home for winter.

photo of windows: preparing your home for winterEnsure that your loft is insulated

Don’t let the heat from your home escape straight out of the roof. Prepare for the cold spell by checking that your loft is well insulated (if you have one). If not, you may be eligible for free insulation.  Also consider cavity wall insulation, which will keep the warmth from seeping out through your walls. Both of these measures will reduce your energy bills significantly.

Block any draughts

If you have draughty windows or doors, you’ll feel the cold this winter. Repairing draughty windows will help you conserve the heat inside your home and keep it nice and cosy. Energy efficient doors can also make a big difference to the heat lost from your home. If you can’t stretch to new doors, however, draught excluders applied to your door frames are a cheap and effective way to stop the outside from coming in.

Tackle condensation issues

Condensation is a common problem during the winter months. It happens when the water vapour in the air cools and turns to liquid, leaving your windows wet on the inside. Condensation should be taken seriously because the moisture that results can lead to damp and mould issues. Check out our tips to prevent condensation on double glazed windows.

Lag your pipes

Burst pipes occur when the water inside them gets so cold that it freezes, so unsurprisingly, this is an issue that many homeowners experience when the mercury drops. It’s something that can be easily prevented if you are prepared, by ensuring that any pipes likely to be exposed to freezing temperatures are covered with pipe lagging, to stop the water from expanding when it turns to ice.

Clear the guttering

Checking and replacing guttering should be a routine job, done each autumn when preparing your home for winter. Remove any built-up debris and leaves that have settled inside the gutters and check for cracks or any other signs of damage. Also remove and replace any loose tiles from your roof before the winter weather starts, to avoid leaks.

energy efficiency chart : preparing your home for winterBleed the radiators

In order to run efficiently, radiators need to be bled regularly. This removes any build-up of trapped air, helping the heating to reach its full potential rather than being scuppered by cold spots caused by air bubbles. Bleeding your radiators is easy to do and it will save you money on your heating bills.

Review your energy tariff

Finally, it’s a good habit to regularly review your energy tariff, especially when preparing your home for winter, in order to ensure you’re getting value for money. There are always new deals out there from rival energy companies, so seek out a good deal to get the best from your energy provider this winter.



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