Modern front doors: The key to adding value to your home?

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modern front doors

Take two similar properties on the same street. Which will fetch the highest asking price? You can bet it will be the house with a tidy appearance, fresh paint, modern front door and off-street parking. Taking a systematic and strategic approach, you really can add thousands to the value of your property by investing wisely in a few basic improvements. Read on to find out what simple steps you can take to add value to your home.

1. Create space for parking

If you live on an urban street, off-street parking is always going to be a big plus for potential buyers. So look at paving over all or part of your front garden to create a guaranteed off-street parking space, a move which could raise the value of your home by around 5%. You’ll need to get permission from the council to drop the kerb; note that you can’t advertise your property as having off-street parking unless this permission has been granted.

2. Smarten up your frontage

First impressions are really important in the housing market. You need your property to have a neat and well-kept appearance that will make visitors want to see inside. So, trim hedges, keep the garden neat, give the place a lick of paint and keep the windows clean. Modern front doors like these contemporary composite doors are a great way to update the appearance of your home for a relatively low cost. High quality double glazed windows will add to the overall impression of a well maintained property.

3. Get neutral

How we decorate our homes is a matter of personal taste – until we want to sell. Then, it’s important to consider how an outsider will view your décor, and the impression it will give. Redecorating your interiors in neutral shades is a quick and cost effective way to let buyers see the full potential of your property, looking past its current occupants to imagine how they’ll put their own personal stamp on it.

4. Maximise storage space

To get the best value from your property, every square foot of the house or flat should be put to good use. Storage space is always a big plus for buyers, so take advantage of odd nooks and crannies, space under the stairs and above your head. Building bespoke shelves and cupboards is a cheap way to create storage solutions that look great, help you keep the place clutter-free and will always appeal to buyers.

5. Revamp your kitchen

Kitchens are a big selling point, and can be a make-or-break feature for property searchers. If there’s one room you can afford to update, focus your budget and effort on this one. Do some research into other properties in your area, to see what you’re up against. If you decide to get a full refit, budget carefully to ensure that it will bring the best possible return on investment. Not sure you can justify shelling out thousands for a refurb? Consider simply replacing unit doors and drawers for an instant update. And always ensure that the kitchen is clean and free of clutter.

6. Extend your living space

conservatory: modern front doorsIf you’re looking to raise the value of your home, the more bedrooms the better. So look at what you can do to create more living space, whether that’s building an extension, creating a loft conversion, repurposing your garage or building a garden room or conservatory. Extensions can be very expensive, so do keep an eye on local property values and cost everything up to ensure that your project is definitely likely to provide a return on investment.

7. Build an ensuite

If you have the space to spare, an ensuite bath or shower room for the master bedroom can be an attractive selling point for your property. If other homes on your street boast multiple bathrooms, this is one area where it’s advisable to keep up with the Joneses.

8. Get planning permission

Planning permission for an extension or other desirable improvement to your property can be an attractive selling point that makes your home stand out. It’s cheaper than going the whole hog and getting the work done yourself, and will appeal to buyers who want to get things built to their own specifications.

So, there you have it. From modern front doors to entire extensions, it’s possible to add significant value to your property whatever your budget. Whether your home is proving hard to shift, or you just want to get the best value from your property, following these simple tips should earn you a great return on your investment.

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