How to make use of the extra space a conservatory offers

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scan0014 220x300 - How to make use of the extra space a conservatory offersThere are plenty of reasons why a conservatory is a fantastic addition to your home such as boosting the value of your property and creating a stunning new feature. One of the most common reasons that our customers opt for a conservatory or orangery is to add some much needed extra space to their homes as it offers much more flexibility and a lower cost than an extension. It can be hugely tempting to use your conservatory for storage and making it a home for those items that don’t really have a place; a good example is the exercise bike that’s been gathering dust in the corner! To help make sure you’re really making the most of your stunning conservatory here are three top ideas to fully utilise the extra space it offers.

A Place For Play

There is nothing better for children than having a safe place that they can enjoy getting imaginative, playing together and developing in. Using your conservatory as a play room provides little ones with extra space that they can call their own and is an ideal secure location for them to dive into games and activities in. By having a dedicated space for play you can make use of innovative and compact storage solutions for toys that will not only look great but help keep the rest of your home a little tidier.

Why Not Work From Home

With so much of our work taking place solely on computers these days, working from home is a more popular choice than ever. Avoiding a time consuming and costly commute is very tempting for most of us, but it can be hard to focus and get things done at home. By using the extra space your conservatory offers as a home office you can set up a quiet and peaceful workstation that has enough separation and solitude to allow you to concentrate. Recent studies have shown that working in an environment with plenty of natural light can actually boost moods, alertness and productivity which makes your conservatory the perfect place to get your work done and benefit from an airy and light home office atmosphere. With such a wide range of styles, designs and structures available a conservatory allows you to create a versatile work space that suits you perfectly.

Enjoy Entertainment

Another great way to use the extra space a conservatory affords is by using it as a film or TV room. Even when settling in to watch our favourite must see shows we rarely disconnect and truly relax whist watching. Setting up your conservatory as a cosy viewing room means you can leave your phone in another room, dive in and enjoy a box set binge without any distractions. If sport is more your thing it also makes for an ideal space to enjoy the big game and go crazy for the last minute winner without disturbing everyone else in the house.

inside-aluminium-conservatory-ickenhamAs well as these ideas, there are so many other options to make the most of your extra space. You could use your conservatory as a dining room when you’re playing host or fill the space with sound and provide the musically talented members of the family with a place to practice and play. Whatever use you can think of for a conservatory, our friendly team are always happy to talk you through our wide variety of options and styles available to find the perfect solution for you.

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