How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add?

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A conservatory can be a beautiful and cosy addition to your home – and if planned carefully, it can also become a valuable asset. Here, we consider some of the issues that you’ll need to address to get the best value for money. So, how much value does a conservatory add to the price of your property?

Extra room for entertaining

conservatory in the sun: how much value does a conservatory addIf you have plenty of garden space, adding a conservatory will afford you an extra room in your house, without the cost of an extension. You’ll be able to enjoy the garden even in the chillier months, basking in the natural light and making the most of the outdoors from the warmth and comfort of your home. The perfect space for guests!

Cost considerations:

  •  A conservatory is considerably cheaper than building an extension on your property. Adding a conservatory to your home may cost around £15,000 or less depending on the style and size, while building a single extension to add an extra room would require a budget of at least £20,000 plus VAT, and very possibly reaching into the tens of thousands.


  •  It’s likely that you won’t need planning permission to add a conservatory – so you’ll save on costs and paperwork.

Keeping in character

Exactly how much value a conservatory adds to your property will depend on the type and style you choose. Do your property justice by creating a conservatory that echoes the character of the rest of the building.

Cost considerations:

  •  If your new conservatory doesn’t look good, it could put future buyers off, or at least lower your asking price. So, if you have a period property, take extra care to ensure that your conservatory holds its own in style and structure. Don’t swamp a small garden with a conservatory that is too large, or use modern materials if you have a Victorian home.


  •  Aluminium conservatories offer the design freedom to build beautiful and intricate structures from a strong and durable material. Perfect for any period style.

Reduced heating bills

Today’s conservatories offer superb energy efficiency, with double or triple glazed windows boasting excellent thermal performance.

Cost considerations:

  •  Heating the space will add to your energy bill, especially if you want to use it all year round. The position of your building will help you to predict how much you might need to use the heating – for example, a south-facing conservatory will receive the most sunlight, so will provide a warmer space.


  •  Before buying, check out the energy rating of the window and frames you will be using. This will give you an idea of how much you could shave from your heating bills.

Doing the maths: How much value does a conservatory add?

Large Modern Conservatory: how much value does a conservatory addHow much value does a conservatory add will vary depending on property type and location. Here are some ways to help you calculate its value:

  • According to property guru Phil Spencer, a conservatory can add up to 7% to the value of your home.
  • Average house prices in your area can be given as a price per square metre – for example, around £3,227 in St Albans. So, adding (say) 16 square metres of indoor space to a St Albans home could be expected to add an impressive £51,632 to the property’s value. There are caveats with this approach, however; not all estate agents (or punters) will count a conservatory as a legitimate room, so the increase in value may not live up to these optimistic calculations.

Factors to consider:

  • Location, location, location. Yes, this is a really important consideration when calculating the value a conservatory will add to your home. Check out similar properties in your area and see if they feature conservatories. If they do, adding a conservatory of your own will help you to compete.
  • Will the conservatory offer something extra? If you don’t have a large dining space, for example, a conservatory may add more value by meeting this need.
  • Expert opinion. Why not invite a local estate agent round to offer a valuation on your property? Get their expert opinion on how much value a conservatory could add to your home.

If you’d like to find out more about building a conservatory and the value that this may add, see our product page on Conservatories and Orangeries for more information. Alternatively, contact us for more information.





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