How to improve your front door security

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If you’re soon going on holiday and have to lock up your house for a few weeks, you’re probably all too aware that your home is only as secure as your front door.  Make it inviting for all the wrong reasons, and you could attract intruders eager to take advantage of your inadvertent hospitality. Keep your home safe all year round and protect your front entrance with these simple steps to enhance your front door security.

Front Door SecurityShow what you’re made of

Not all front doors are made equal. If you’re replacing your front door, your choice of door material will have an impact on the level of security. Composite doors, made from a combination of glass reinforced plastic and high quality timber, are a tough and durable option for the security-conscious.

Windows or no windows?

Windows provide an obvious entry point for burglars, who might plan to smash or remove the glass in your front door in order to reach inside. For this reason, if you’re concerned about front door security you may decide to choose a front door without windows.

If you prefer to let in a little light, however, high security glazing options are available:

  • Impact resistant, toughened glass panels are engineered for extra security, designed to withstand physical force.
  • Rockdoor composite doors incorporate integral double glazing that cannot be removed or separated from the door itself.

Locks and bolts

Locks are obviously an essential element of front door security.

  • A five lever mortice deadlock is a minimum security requirement for front doors. This type of lock is built into the door and requires a key to unlock, so you can’t just open it with the latch. The higher the number of levers the key has to move, the more secure the door.
  • For enhanced security, add a deadlatch lock to the handle of your door. This also requires a key to unlock.
  • Choose locks that carry the British Standards kite mark as a guarantee of quality and security. Check which standards they meet: BS3621 is the most common standard for front doors.
  • Check with your insurance company that your locks meet or exceed their minimum security requirements.

Finally, once you have secure locks fitted, don’t forget to use them!Hardwood Blue Door, Front Door Security

Other security features

Visible security features on your door can be a useful way to enhance your front door security, and they can also act as a deterrent to opportunist intruders.

  • Front door chains act as an extra barrier to entry, and they can only be operated when the door is shut. If you are worried about strangers trying to force their way into your home, a front door chain is a solution that will allow you to answer your door and receive packages without leaving you vulnerable to forced entry.
  • Spy holes allow you to see who’s at the door without opening it. They are another good way to enhance your front door security and help you to feel confident in your home.
  • Letterboxes can be used to see inside your home or to reach inside for a key. For this reason, never install your letterbox closer than 400mm to your door lock. Consider installing a letterbox lock that allows you to seal your letterbox closed at night when you are not expecting post.

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