Your Questions, Answered

It’s almost impossible nowadays to avoid double glazing adverts. Big companies, small companies, medium sized, some local, some national.  Some offering hard-to-believe discounts, others who will be here today and gone tomorrow.

How can you sort out the good from the bad? How do you know which type of product will suit your particular tastes and budget? How can you be certain the guarantee is worth the paper it’s written on and will it still be valid in years to come? We’ve collected the big questions in our double glazing faq, here are some of the answers!

Q. What materials are used for making double glazed or triple glazed windows and doors?

A.  PVCu (also referred to as UPVC or just “plastic”) mainly in a white finish is the most common material for modern double glazed or triple glazed replacement windows.  Aluminium, again mainly in white (not old-fashioned silver!) is also a popular choice for double glazed and triple glazed replacement windows… but other colours are available at extra cost.  Hardwood timber double glazed windows are a popular choice for homeowners replacing their windows and they can be finished in any colour or natural timber stain finish you like!  Composite doors are the newest door material and are quite unlike PVCu, aluminium or hardwood.  Exceptionally strong and with a stunning appearance they have become the main material of choice for many homeowners looking for the most attractive front door.  Many companies offer only one of the above replacement double or triple glazing window system options … Just Windows and Doors Ltd offer you all four which means you can choose what is truly right for you

Q. Which double glazing or triple glazing replacement window system is the best?

A.  PVCu is generally cheaper as a replacement double glazing window option but bulkier looking than white-aluminium. This is more noticeable on small windows and especially on bay windows where the amount of window frame that is visible is not attractive.  Aluminium is slightly more expensive material for replacement double glazed or triple glazed windows and is more suited to large bays and anywhere where greater strength is required.  High-quality hardwood is a beautiful option for replacement double glazed windows but is more expensive and does require more maintenance despite the vastly improved paint and stain finishes now available for windows and doors.  Composite doors are more expensive than other materials, however they offer unbeatable aesthetics, re highly secure and thermally efficient and they’ll never need painting!

A good company should help you to decide for yourself what is the best material choice for your replacement double glazed windows, doors, conservatory or orangery and this is where Just Windows and Door pride themselves on helping their customers.  We’ve been helping homeowners across Watford, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Ickenham, Northwood, Eastcote, Pinner and Ruislip for nearly 30 years. We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of homeowners over the years and much of our work comes from the recommendations those customers make.  Read what some of our customers say about us here.

Find out how we can help you find the right double glazing or triple glazing replacement windows and doors for your home by calling the friendly Just Windows and Doors team on 01923 775 500 or visit our Rickmansworth or Ickenham showrooms for free, expert and practical advice.

Q. There are lots of double glazing window companies in Watford, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Ickenham, Northwood, Eastcote, Pinner and Ruislip areas. How do I know if the company is reputable?

A.  Check that the replacement double glazing window company you are considering is a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). Your deposit will be protected and you can call on help, or even low-cost, independent arbitration, if anything goes wrong with your double glazing installation.  Check the testimonials of other double glazing replacement window installations they have undertaken. A good company should be able to give you a long list of local customers who are happy to talk to you about their experience with the company.  Make certain you are offered an Insurance Policy which protects you against the double glazing company going bust and leaving you with no guarantee. Most GGF companies can give you this option.

Q. I’ve heard that new or replacement windows and doors now need Building Regulations?

A.  New Building Regulations means that, before you replace your windows with new double glazed or triplex glazed windows, you must either inform and pay the appropriate fee to the local authority before you begin work (it will cost you more if you tell them afterwards and you risk having to remove the windows and doors if they are not up to the required Building Regulations standard!) OR use a company who are registered under the FENSA scheme.  A FENSA registered company must meet strict criteria and is authorised to supply, install and certificate your windows and doors fully.  It is really important that you get your new windows and doors fully certified at the time of installation to avoid problems should you sell your home in the future as you’ll be asked to produce the Building Regulations certification before your sale can proceed.

Q. Will I need planning consent for a conservatory?

A.  Many conservatories can be built within Permitted Development regulations provided they are within the prescribed size limits. It will also depend which country in the UK you live in as there are different rules for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For all the information you require, read our guide to planning permission for conservatories.

Q. What about the installation process?

A.  After you place your order, you will have a visit by the Company technical measuring surveyor. We will do the accurate measurements for your products before returning them to the office. We will then contact you a week or so before the installation to offer you a date.

Q. Is triple glazing worthwhile?

A.  The answer depends to a large extent on what you are trying to achieve. If you just want to buy the absolute best available thermally insulated windows, then it can be worth the extra cost. However, the additional insulation achieved is small in measurable insulation heat-loss units. (This can sometimes be shown by some unscrupulous companies as a percentage figure to make it look more attractive!)

Q.  What should I do if there’s a problem?

A.  We offer a 10 year guarantee on all our products if the fault is due to defective materials or construction, which means you don’t have to worry. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our guarantee.

Q. What about maintenance?

A.  Most of our products are virtually maintenance free. However, we highly recommend that the customer does the following:

  • Lightly rubdown and re-coat Timber sub-frames every 18 – 36 months, depending on the weathering. Aluminium and PVC frames could be cleaned with a solution of washing up liquid and water
  • Door locks should be sprayed with lubricating oil (such as WD40) at least once a year, in order to prevent ‘creaking’.
  • Window hinges and the channels in which they sit, should be cleaned out regularly. Without this, the hinge can jam and a replacement may be needed.
  • Brass furniture is not guaranteed against tarnishing or pitting so you should keep it looking good with appropriate fluid etc. Screws on brass handles are made of brass-coated steel, which we suggest should be coated lightly with clear nail varnish or petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) soon after installation, in order to keep them looking good.
  • Drainage holes in windows and doors should be checked regularly to ensure they are clear of any dust/debris etc.
  • Box gutters on conservatories must be kept clear or leaks may occur from overflow problems.

On the whole, our number one top tip is to keep your windows and doors clean, and they will give you many years of trouble-free service!

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to call us.

Please note that answers provided above are based on our best understanding of each situation and, in some cases, our answers may involve a certain degree of subjective opinion. We always encourage and welcome our customers to ask for further details on any matter of importance to them. As you can see from our double glazing faq, we love to share our knowledge and are happy to answer any questions no matter how silly they may seem!