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When the weather gets warm it’s one of life’s pleasures to fling open your windows and doors and let the summer breeze into your home or office. Not so welcome, however, are the insects that often come in with it. Our range of fly screens for windows, doors and other openings will help you enjoy a well-ventilated room, untroubled by flies and bugs.




About Our Fly Screens

They come in a wide choice of materials to suit your requirements

Our fly screens are available in several technical materials including solar meshes and blackout fabrics. Protecting you from the sun, these screens block out up to 100% of the sun’s UVA rays depending on your fabric selection.

Our blackout fabrics also provide a complete covering over your entire window or doorway, so that you can air your home without the intrusion of bright sunshine – perfect for summer nights when it stays warm and light until late, and an excellent way to stop an early sunrise from spoiling your sleep.

If midges are a problem in your area, you can choose an anti-midge fabric mesh to keep them out of your home. And our Premium Solar and Blackout fabrics are available in a variety of colours to complement your décor.

Insect screens for every opening

Our retractable Serene fly screens are designed to fit most doors, windows, roof vents and other large openings, measuring up to 2 metres wide and 2 metres high. So if you require a screen for both doors and windows, Serene screens will fit the bill for a room that is perfectly co-ordinated. Available in a variety of colours and wood grains, you can be assured that it will blend in with the rest of the room, an unobtrusive and stylish addition to your interior.

Safety features

If you have children in your household, safety is paramount, but with our fly screens there is no need to worry. With the insect proof fabric mesh held securely in place by the professionally fitted frame, there’s no dangling cords to pose a danger and they are completely child safe.

Easy to clean

Caring for your fly screens is easy, with no maintenance required. To clean, just wipe down the cassette with a soft cloth and a little non-abrasive detergent. Clean the mesh with a vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulated debris, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Professionally fittedcall us today on freephone 0800132510: fly screens Hertfordshire

There’s no need to worry about installation – our professionally trained fitters will take care of it. We’ll visit your home or business at a time to suit you.

Quality guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll be delighted with our professionally installed fly screens. Designed and manufactured by Phantom Screens, these UK produced insect screens are built from high quality components which are covered by the Phantom Lifetime Warranty.

Find out more about the benefits of our fly screen door range and the installation process.

Alternatively contact us to talk through your questions.

Here at Just Windows and Doors, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right fly screens for your windows and doors. Contact us to discuss your options, with no obligation, on Freephone 0800 132 510.

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