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Stop pests from flying through open doors with Serene fly screen door coverings. Available to fit doors, windows and other openings up to 2 metres high and 2 metres wide, these attractive and subtle fly screens will cover your doors completely but can be retracted easily when not in use.

About Our Fly Screen Doors

Fitted professionally to your doorway

There’s no need to pore over instructions or spend time putting up your fly screen doors. Professional installation is included in the price – so all you need to do is wait for our fitters to turn up, then sit back and enjoy a well-ventilated, insect free room through your open doorway.

Complete coverage

When it comes to fly screens, there are a number of different types on the market. Serene screens consist of a frame that is fitted closely to your window frame and covered with a hi-tech, insect-proof fabric mesh. They offer complete coverage of your doorway or window when in use and are fully retractable when not required. No maintenance is needed other than occasional light surface cleaning, and there are no dangling cords to pose a hazard to children or pets.

Frames and fabrics to suit your interior

If you take pride in your décor, you’ll be delighted by the understated attractiveness of our Serene fly screens. They can be matched to your colour scheme and complement your doors, with frames available in white or brown as standard, or in a choice of over 200 different RAL shades or wood grains. The fabric fly screen mesh is also available in a range of options, with our Premium Solar and Blackout fabrics sold in a variety of different colours.

Open your doors to the public

If you run a shop, café, bar or hairdresser’s, keeping your door open can make a real difference to your business. As well as maintaining an airy and cool environment, you’ll make customers feel welcome and tempt passers-by into your premises.

Our fly screen doors allow you to enjoy the bustling outdoors whilst keeping unwanted flying insects out. If you work in a kitchen, you’ll enjoy the benefits of cool air safe in the knowledge that any food hygiene implications are covered. Kitchens can get stuffy, let the airflow of an open window resolve that with any of our fly screens door collection!

Match your doors and windows

Looking for fly screens for both doors and windows? Serene fly screens can do the job. Able to be fitted to any opening measuring 2 metres square or less, you can have matching, retractable fly screens fitted to doors, windows and other openings in your home or business premises, creating a unified and attractive look and feel throughout your interior. Having a fly screens door & Window bundle allows for unity in your home!

Quality guaranteed

Serene fly screens are British made by Phantom Screens. Their high quality components are guaranteed under the Phantom Screens Lifetime Warranty.

Love the Fresh Air; Hate the Pests – fixed with a fly screens door!

As professional door and window specialists we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our fly screen doors and windows. To find out more, contact us on Freephone 0800 132 510.