Interesting facts about bi-fold doors

Bi-Fold Doors – The Facts

Bi-fold doors are an increasingly popular option for many homeowners today. But these convenient, concertina-like structures are far from a modern invention. Check out these interesting facts about bi-fold doors – there’s more to them than meets the eye!

1. They go back to ancient Roman timeslight oak coloured pvcu conservatory from just windows and doors hertfordshire 300x215 - Interesting facts about bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular and fashionable modern phenomenon, but did you know that folding doors were also a feature of ancient Greek and Roman societies? Records show that the Romans in Pompeii preferred double or folding doors to regular, single-leaf versions. So, it’s fascinating to discover that our current bi-fold doors have an origin that goes back at least 2,500 years!

2. They are extremely versatile

When you think of bi-fold doors, you probably picture them as a glass-paned alternative to French windows; the modern choice to lead out from a house to the patio. But folding doors are much more versatile than that. Bi-fold doors can bring a whole new dimension to many settings, with their multiple panels employed for uses as diverse as room dividers, fronts for hidden cupboards, a way to open up shop entrances and much more.

3. Bi-fold doors are a growing trend

In recent years, bi-fold doors have reached the top of the charts in the home improvement market. According to a recent market report, sales of bi-fold doors grew by 12% in 2015 and are expected to continue to rise by as much as 7% per year into the future – interestingly, Brexit isn’t likely to put a stop to their indomitable rise. The explanation for this surge in popularity? A combination of the new trend for ‘bringing the outside in’ wherever possible in modern homes, and an increased thirst for home improvements.

4. Aluminium is the most popular material

Market research shows that most homeowners opt for aluminium frames for their patio folding doors, with this sturdy and slimline material accounting for the majority of sales. Timber frames are runners-up, with 20% of consumers choosing this attractive and natural wood option. And though trailing in third place, UPVC frames remain a popular and cost-effective choice that requires little maintenance and upkeep. (As an additional bonus, UPVC frames can be installed in an astonishing range of eye-catching colours or natural wood-style finishes).

5. They feature in celebrity homes

If you fancy giving your home a makeover, why not follow the example of a leading celebrity? Bi-fold doors are a key feature both upstairs and downstairs in the home of celebrity chef James Martin, offering stunning views from the balcony to the scenery below. Other famous fans include Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud and famous architect George Clarke.

6. They have superb insulation propertieslight interior of studio style garden room from just windows and doors hertfordshire 300x199 - Interesting facts about bi-fold doors

Despite a surface area that is overwhelmingly made of glass, today’s bi-fold doors can be surprisingly energy efficient. To ensure that you retain the warmth in your home while opening up your home to the natural light and stunning views of the garden, it’s important to choose panes and frames that are highly rated for energy efficiency. Double and triple glazed windows are rated using a universal measurement, the Window Energy Rating scale, while aluminium frames are the best choice for high thermal performance.

So there you have it: six interesting facts about bi-fold doors. If we’ve whetted your appetite to explore this stunning and energy-efficient patio choice for your own home, just contact us on 0800 132 510.

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