When should Double Glazed Windows be Replaced?

There is no set time for replacing double glazed windows. The decision should be based on the condition of your panes, frames and seals.

Being unable to open and close the windows with ease is an indicator that it might be time to consider investing in new wooden, aluminium or uPVC windows. Another prompt might be damaged seals or gaps in the window frames. These can be drafty and compromise security. If the windows were professionally fitted, these issues may not occur.

In terms of damage, you might notice cracked pane or condensation within the window glazing. The frame might be broken, or in the case of unmaintained wood, be rotten. These are all signs that replacement windows are needed.

If you are unsure, a specialist company such as Just Windows and Doors will be able to inspect the windows and provide reasons why repairs or replacements are advisable.

Equally, there may be no obvious issues, but you are looking for the best replacement windows as part of a property renovation. With an extensive range of colours and finishes, this offers a means of updating the look of your home. Alternatively, you may want to replicate the original style of the property by reinstalling details such as wooden or uPVC sash windows.

Benefits of Replacing your Double Glazed Windows

There are many benefits to replacing your Double Glazed Windows when they start to show signs of wear.
There are many benefits to replacing your Double Glazed Windows when they start to show signs of wear.

When you’ve decided to upgrade your windows, you can choose between wooden, aluminium or uPVC window frames and a range of styles and layouts. You can select between double and triple layer window glazing. You can opt for clear glass or frosted finishes for greater privacy. This choice enables you to end up with a style that really complements your home.

Again, Just Windows and Doors can be on hand to answer your questions, make recommendations and give you the confidence to make an informed decision.

Home Insulation

With the best replacement windows are installed, the first thing you might notice is a reduction in outside noise. Modern double glazed windows provide a good level of noise insulation. Having said this, if you live on a busy road, you may opt for triple glazing for further soundproofing.

In addition to reducing noise levels, double glazed windows offer thermal insulation. This should help your home to feel warmer, as well as reducing your energy bills. This cost saving helps to offset the new wooden, aluminium or uPVC window prices.

Enhanced Security

Damaged or ill-fitting window frames and panes make it easier for someone to gain access to your home. An upgrade to new, lockable windows will enhance the protection of your possessions. What’s more, the installation of lockable windows can lower the premium on home insurance.

Adding Value to your Property

On the whole, any work to maintain and upgrade your home will be reflected in a rise in the value of the property. By replacing old, damaged fittings with new wooden, aluminium or uPVC windows, you can enhance the kerb appeal and take pride in where you live. At the same time, you might consider replacement double glazed doors in a matching finish, to complete the look.

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