Commercial Window Replacement or Repairs: The Pros and Cons

Are you considering new windows for your commercial property? Whether you’ve had a break-in and require an urgent commercial window replacement, or you’re simply thinking of having a makeover to improve the appearance of your property, it’s possible that a professional repair job could meet your needs more effectively. Here we explain how window repairs could be a viable and cheaper alternative to paying for new windows, and run through the pros and cons of each option.

Fix up your windows: The benefits

ICommercial windows: Commercial window replacement or repairsf there are problems with the windows of your retail or other commercial property, you may be able to get them fixed without the expense of a full replacement. Here are some of the benefits of window repairs:

  • It’s cheaper. Opting for a repair job over a full replacement will usually be the more cost-effective option, especially if there are only one or two issues to fix. Broken locks, hinges and handles can all be replaced easily, as can glass and other elements, restoring your windows to their former functionality and prolonging their life at a fraction of the cost. You might want to get quotes for both repair and replacement, just to get an idea of how much you could save.
  • Less invasive. It’s important for commercial shop fronts and other consumer-facing properties to be able to remain open for business – so the less disruption, the better. A small repair will be much less time-consuming, noisy and disruptive than a full commercial window replacement job.
  • Avoids red tape. Since 2002, all replacement windows installed must comply with current building regulations, which stipulate that the new windows should meet a minimum thermal performance standard. Simply replacing the glass in your existing windows avoids this.

Replacing your windows: When new windows are the better option

Car garage commercial windows: Commercial window replacement or repairsOf course, there will be times when your windows are beyond repair. Here are some issues to consider that may convince you that replacing your windows is probably the right choice for your business:

  • Beyond repair. If your windows are severely damaged then repairing them may not be financially viable. Perhaps they have been forced and smashed in a break-in, or they’re simply weakened with age. If so, looking to the future, a commercial window replacement may be the best option long-term.
  • Energy efficiency. Replacing old, draughty windows may be a sensible move if you stand to save enough cash on your energy bills. New, energy efficient windows will be well-insulated and will mean less money wasted on heating costs.
  • A new look. Sometimes it’s time to refresh your look – and in retail outlets this is especially important. If you’re looking for a relatively simple way to give your property a makeover, and your windows need attention anyway, replacing them will provide a fresh and shiny new image for your business.

Whatever you end up deciding, Just Windows and Doors can help you. Find out more about our double glazing repairs service, or opt for commercial window replacement with our installation service.

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