How to clean your aluminium window frames

Aluminium window frames are an attractive addition to any home. To keep them in great condition, they require a little care and attention every now and then. Find out how to clean aluminium window frames and get great results by following our step-by-step guide.

How often do aluminium window frames need cleaning?How to Clean Aluminium Window Frames

The good news is, cleaning your window frames isn’t one of those weekly chores that end up eating into your free time. Even in areas affected by a lot of traffic pollution or sea salt, you should only need to clean your aluminium windows (or aluminium doors) every three months or so. This is important because a build-up of salt water on aluminium can cause corrosion if it’s not removed regularly. In areas away from the coast and free from heavy traffic, however, it’s a twice-yearly job.

What to use

You don’t need any expensive products or equipment to clean aluminium window frames, although it is possible to purchase a special aluminium cleaning solution if you choose. Ordinary household detergent is fine, as long as it is a non-alkaline variety. Check the label to ensure it has a ph of less than 7.

You will need:

  • Warm water and a non-alkaline detergent or an aluminium cleaning product
  • Clean, non-abrasive cloths
  • Garden hose
  • (optional) Wax polish. Ensure that it is a non-abrasive type that is suitable for use on aluminium.

How to do it

Cleaning aluminium window frames is a quick and simple process; just follow these simple steps:

  • Start with the external window frames. Using your garden hose, rinse off any accumulated grime before you begin to polish the frames.
  • Take a clean cloth or soft-bristled cleaning brush and use your soapy water solution to scrub the window frames and remove the dirt. If you are using an aluminium cleaning solution, make sure you read the label before use and follow the instructions.
  • Now, wipe down your aluminium frames with a damp cloth. Start at the top and work down, so that the dirty water doesn’t ruin your freshly cleaned frames.
  • Use the hose to rinse your windows, and dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Indoors, your windows won’t have accumulated the same level of dirt, but they will still need a quick wipe. Simply give them a clean with a damp cloth, then finish with a dry one. If you prefer to use an aluminium cleaning product, you can do so indoors as well as outside.
  • Finish off your windows with a quick rub down with wax polish. This doesn’t need applying every time – aim for about once a year.

How to prevent scratches and avoid damage

Aluminium window frames are durable but need to be treated with some care to avoid scratches. Here’s how to clean aluminium window frames without damaging them:How to Clean Aluminium Window Frames

  • Never use an alkaline detergent on your aluminium window frames, as this can cause corrosion.
  • Always choose non-abrasive cloths for your window frames.
  • Clean regularly to avoid corrosion.

More questions?

If you want to know more about how to clean aluminium window frames, or you have a specific question that is not addressed here, our friendly team will be happy to assist you. Just Windows is a FENSA company and as such we comply with all BSI standards. Contact us on 0800 132 510 or browse our frequently asked questions about double glazed windows and doors.



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