Are your Double Glazed Windows Fit for Winter?

Are your double glazed windows good enough?

As we enjoy the delights of autumn, it’s a great time to check that are homes are fit for winter. With the ability to retain heat and keep our property secure, it’s worth checking that your double glazed windows are fully functional.

Double Glazing for Energy Efficiency

You don’t need us to tell you that it will soon be time to switch the heating on. Whilst it is important to be warm, there are always concerns about the rising cost of energy bills. Ideally, we should make our homes energy efficient with roof insulation and the installation of double glazed windows. These measures have long-term benefits. They help us to:

  • Keep our homes cosy, without dreading the next utility bill
  • Improve sound insulation, reducing the impact of outside noise

Double Glazing for Security

Another factor to consider is there is a spike in burglaries during winter months. The majority of incidents occur when windows or doors are left unlocked, are ill-fitting or damaged. The Metropolitan Police’s Be Safe crime prevention initiative advises that homeowners:

  • Lock all windows and double lock doors when leaving the house
  • Use timer lights in the evening, to make it look as though someone is home
  • Make sure the locks on your windows and doors are strong enough to keep burglars out
  • Keep valuable items out of sight

With these few simple steps, you can help to protect your family and your possessions.

Checking your Double Glazed Windows and Doors

There’s still time to install replacement double glazed windows and doors your current fixtures are a cause for concern. Take the opportunity to assess the condition of all aspects of your windows before winter arrives.

Window frames

Firstly, if the wooden, aluminium or uPVC window or door frames are ill-fitting or damaged, they can let drafts through. They might also make it easier for an intruder to break into your property. Do you have any concerns about the integrity of yours?

Opening, closing and securely locking double glazed windows

Secondly, do the handles and hinges operate fully? You should be able to open and close windows with ease. Broken hinges do not allow your windows to shut properly, which lead to draughts within your home. What’s more, your home insurance may be invalid if your windows don’t close and lock properly, as they present a security risk. For your safety it is very important these are fixed.

Ideally, your double glazed windows and doors should also include operational multi-point locking mechanisms.

Condensation between double glazed window panes

Thirdly, are there any signs of condensation between the window panes? If moisture has seeped between the glazing panels, it is a clear sign that the seal has broken. As the seal plays an important role in preventing the transfer of heat, the energy efficiency of the window is compromised without it.

What’s more, internal condensation can be difficult to clear, which can be unsightly. If this is left untreated there is the risk that issues like black mould, wet rot or dry rot can develop.

Clean Windows

Finally, are the windows clean? It’s a small step, but clean windows will allow maximum natural light and any warmth from the sun to access the room. This is especially important during the shorter, cooler winter days.

Double Glazing Specialist Hertfordshire

As a long established Hertfordshire business, Just Windows and Doors have supplied and installed replacement double glazing in properties across the county. With showrooms in both Rickmansworth and Ickenham, you can visit us for advice, as well as viewing a wide range of styles and options. Alternatively, call: 0800 132 510 to arrange a convenient time for us to come to you.

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